C Cod
Compile C on Demand

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Please read the FAQ page to get quick answers regarding C Cod and CSP.
Latest release 1.2.9 (Dec 16, 2008)

For C, C++, and Objective-C

What is C Cod?

C Cod allows for a C,C++,ObjC source file to be "Compiled on Demand" prior to being executed. The source files are compiled and executed on the fly. This allows for C,C++,ObjC to be treated like a scripting language. But, C Cod does not actually do the compiling. Rather it acts as a front-end and uses the the C compiler that is installed on the computer. This is most often the GNU C Compiler, and therefore designed to be used with GCC.

It's been compiled on and tested with:

  • Mac OS X (Darwin/PowerPC/Intel)
  • Windows (MingW/i386)
  • Linux (Linux/i386)

    What is CSP?

    CSP (C Server Pages) is a shared library that exposes C Cod source files to a friendly CGI API. It's modelled after ASP, and supports features such as Page Buffering, File Uploads, Sessions, Cookies, Inline HTML, and much more. It's automatically installed along-side C Cod.

    View some CSP examples to see how it works.

    License Agreement

    C Cod and CSP are free software as specified under the MIT License. View the COPYING file for detailed information regarding this subject.

    Copyright @ 2004-2008 Joshua J Baker